Set Phasers to LOL

patrick stewart

Star Trek - Who Invented What Now?

apple best of the week Captain Picard patrick stewart Star Trek steve jobs - 6369550336
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Picard's Ultimate Nemesis

failed jean-luc picard Movie Nemesis patrick stewart Star Trek - 5499099392
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So Good

bald head jean-luc picard patrick stewart Star Trek - 5497358592
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Should Have Stayed on the Holodeck

holodeck leave patrick stewart picard Star Trek weekend - 5559288320
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Make it 'Fro

brent spiner Captain Picard dancing data disco Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn patrick stewart rave Riker Worf - 6287759616
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Starfleet's Least Favorite Cable Provider

patrick stewart William Shatner - 6610972160
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I Get These Headaches

borg Captain Picard doctor locutus patrick stewart Star Trek world domination - 5801296896
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We never did anything like this on the StarGazer

Captain Picard Star Trek the next generation patrick stewart Jonathan Frakes william riker deanna troi Marina Sirtis celebration happy drawings - 6611120384
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borg red shirt Captain Picard wrong the next generation Star Trek patrick stewart - 6939941376
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This is 2366 shouldn't you have more than basic cable?

Captain Picard the next generation future Star Trek patrick stewart - 6847499008
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Finally Somebody Listens

Captain Picard hell Michael Dorn patrick stewart prime directive Star Trek success Worf - 6033113088
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graffiti jean-luc picard name patrick stewart Star Trek - 5460007936
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Excellent Work, Doctor

Captain Picard dead doctor beverly crusher gates mcfadden patrick stewart Star Trek - 6342936064
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I Got His Wallet

body doctor beverly crusher gates mcfadden jean-luc picard patrick stewart Star Trek - 5484732416
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I'm sorry, sir... ...but Firefly isn't getting a second season

brent spiner Captain Picard data facepalm Firefly patrick stewart Sad second season sorry - 6441618688
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OK, if negotiations stall... drag your nails down the blackboard like THIS

Captain Picard Guinan patrick stewart whoopi goldberg - 6195863552
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