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Hey Joker, nice dandruff.

batman bruce wayne christian bale dandruff heath ledger insult parents the dark knight the joker - 6435522304
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Nobody Gets Presents

bane batman christian bale parents tom hardy - 5455710208
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Ordinary Batman Adventures

batman bruce wayne cereal dead hero parents Sad - 5973092352
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So You Like a Children's Cartoon?

Aunt May parents sally field the amazing spider-man - 5866122752
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Not just cooties, but Vulcan cooties.

Captain Kirk DeForest Kelley Leonard Nimoy McCoy parents Shatnerday Spock Star Trek William Shatner - 6530846208
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Scumbag Dumbledore: Can't Reawaken the Dead

dead dumbledore harry Harry Potter parents scumbag time - 5720413184
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The Talk

Awkward parents period puberty red dwarf - 5537268736
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Actually, that's a lot better than what my dad does.

Awkward child darth vader luke skywalker Mark Hamill parents star wars - 6579015424
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Even the old cliches have a hard edge in Westeros

Jon Snow Isaac Hempstead Wright kit harrington Game of Thrones puppies bran stark parents shot - 6986762752
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death eaters Harry Potter parents professor snape school voldemort - 6199262464
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I Know that Feel

batman bruce wayne computer cyclops harry Harry Potter parents Star Trek visor x men - 5921155584
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Spock brings his parents on board to meet the Captain.

Captain Kirk embarrassing Leonard Nimoy parents Shatnerday Spock stories William Shatner - 6547958016
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Kids Never Listen

darth vader fall kids listen look luke skywalker mark hamil parents star wars - 6030108928
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Spider Brony

Aunt May martin sheen my little pony parents ponies sally field Spider-Man - 5572534784
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What do You Mean, Dad?

boy meets world sexy times parents - 8235498240
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Batman - I'm Surprised He Didn't Do This a Long Time Ago

back to the future batman parents time travel - 6563639808
Via Andy Hunter
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