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He Doesn't. He's the Worst Roommate

demon eyes monster pans-labyrinth - 6329563904
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The Horror!

butt eyes monster pans-labyrinth problem scary - 6377599232
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This Babysitting Thing is Harder Than I Thought

crap eyes hands monster pans-labyrinth scared - 6354331904
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THESE are spirit fingers!

demon eyes fingers monster pans-labyrinth scary - 6328292608
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Evolution of Guillermo del Toro

guillermo del toro evolution Fan Art pans-labyrinth pacific rim - 7000626944
Via Jeff Victor

My hand to eye coordination is not what it used to be.

creepy eyes monster pans-labyrinth - 6329818880
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Do it again, i didn't have my eyes on

demon eyes monster pans-labyrinth tricks watching - 6328558592
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Are You Insane?

eyes high five hurt idiot pans-labyrinth scared - 6332993536
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