Set Phasers to LOL


Can Somebody Help?

back help pain peter parker Spider-Man - 5574965504
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a song of ice and fire Eddard Stark foot Game of Thrones oops ouch pain sean bean sword - 6081062656
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That's SETH McFarrlend!!

Captain Kirk pain Star Trek William Shatner oscars - 7108396544
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The Acting's Worse than Mine!

acting best of the week pain screaming Shatnerday Star Trek torture William Shatner - 6421388544
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Maybe Lynx-O Should Sit This One Out

lego pain sit thundercats - 5537416960
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He Must Have Holographic Kids

kids lego pain robert picardo Star Trek the doctor voyager - 5440399616
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Just give me the damn Vicodin!

Scorpius farscape farscape-the-peacekeeper-wars pain cooling rod - 6597569280
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Stop Staring

arrow in the knee pain Skyrim Staring stop - 5648585472
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Twilight Simulator

bender fry futurama pain - 5574023680
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Terminators are Misunderstood

android arnold schwartzenegger edward cullen future pain terminator - 5921818880
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nicholas brendon David Boreanaz angel xander harris step on a lego jack pain fighting - 6579500544
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Computer Upgrades

computer pain Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5463444224
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