Set Phasers to LOL


No sir bath salts are NOT the cause of this Zombie apocalyse

dean winchester jensen ackles no Supernatural zombie - 6326086144
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Comic Sans

Captain Kirk torture Star Trek William Shatner no Shatnerday - 6757727488
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No "Stairway"??

Music Spock stairway to heaven instrument Leonard Nimoy Star Trek no - 6708050432
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No, I can't bring Tennant back!

annoyed best of the week cant daleks David Tennant doctor who Matt Smith no the doctor - 6380166656
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And no, Number One, you can't have your bloody ball back!

Jonathan Frakes no number one Star Trek the next generation william riker - 6485558016
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Face It, Doctor. You Just Can't Pull Off a Hat

amy pond comic doctor who cool Fan Art no sombrero hats the doctor - 7017202944
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Hey Internet, Can We All Agree to Stop Doing This? Please?

back to the future please futurama no stop Zoidberg - 7039299072
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NO, you can NOT have one of my fries!

joe bruce willis fries gun eating no fast food looper - 6675762176
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Now Official

star wars fandom sherlock holmes Office doctor who no - 6922515968
By jc2581
brent spiner Captain Picard data Jonathan Frakes klingon listen Michael Dorn no patrick stewart Star Trek Video william riker Worf - 34350593

No One Listens to Worf

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Glad you asked

annoyed David Tennant embarrassing no the doctor - 6188356096
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Screw That, We're On American TV Now

bazooka Captain Jack Harkness eve myles Gwen Cooper john barrowman no Torchwood - 6340216320
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Real Blutbaden can't even SPELL Werewolf!

series Silas Weir Mitchell werewolf wrong no monroe - 6967449088
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For the LAST TIME! NO, we do NOT WANT to buy your COOKIES!!!1

guns warm bodies cookies angry no - 7096827648
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No Prim! That's the Twilight movie theatre!

danger hunger games jennifer lawrence katniss everdeen movie theater no primrose everdeen worried - 6429124096
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I'm a constable, not an accessory

kardassian odo Rene Auberjonois cat no - 6579076864
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