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Nick Fury

avengers best of the week friends hawkeye Jeremy renner Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson superheroes Theme Song Video - 36186881

The Avengers as a 1990s Sitcome

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avengers clip Movie Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson Video - 36631553

"Avengers" Clip: Nick Fury and Maria Hill

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loki trailers mark ruffalo mashup scarlett johansson tom hiddleston Nick Fury robert downey jr tony stark The Avengers Samuel L Jackson Black Widow iron man hulk - 47264513

"The Avengers" is Basically "The Breakfast Club"

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Kirby Swallowed the Avengers

powers Nick Fury The Avengers costume iron man captain america video games hulk - 7014188288
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And the earphones won't be live either!

Nick Fury directing The Avengers Samuel L Jackson lines Joss Whedon - 6894068480
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And then everything goes boom

explosions Nick Fury directing The Avengers Samuel L Jackson good Joss Whedon - 6841394688
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action figures avengers Movie Nick Fury sketch Video - 36121089

How They Could Screw Up the Avengers

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Not Gonna Shoot Down Many Planes Without It

avengers lost missing Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson - 6337266688
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Oh, That's What I Forgot

avengers Nick Fury rocket RPG Samuel L Jackson - 6351395840
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Fury's Seven

assemble avengers Black Widow captain america Fan Art hawkeye iron man movie poster Nick Fury poster s-h-i-e-l-d - 6153802752
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avengers chris evans chris hemsworth Joss Whedon mark ruffalo marvel Movie Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson scarlett johansson superheroes Video - 34819585

New Avengers Trailer

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avengers batman batman the animated serie batman the animated series bruce wayne condescending Nick Fury superheroes - 6528350208
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Assembling the Avengers

avengers Deal With It Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson - 6333006336
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best of the week Black Widow chris evans chris hemsworth Firefly hulk intro Jeremy renner Joss Whedon mark ruffalo Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson scarlett johansson serenity song Video - 39072001

The Avengers: Firefly Style

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Say "what" again! SAY "WHAT" AGAIN!

avengers i dare you Nick Fury pulp fiction Samuel L Jackson - 6427773952
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Nick Fury Protecting America

avengers justin bieber Nick Fury rocket launcher Samuel L Jackson Target - 6342052352
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