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What's in a name, really? An identity? Sometimes a joke that will follow you until you're 6 feet under. Whether your parents had the forethought to name you Ben Dover or Richard Small, sometimes we just wish we could forget about our names. That's what the internet is for though, to dig up those hilarious names that need to be out in the world.

He Knows Exactly What He's Saying

Modern Family names funny - 8274301696
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peter jackson Martin Freeman cast dwarves ian mckellen The Hobbit names - 45862145

How Fast Can the Cast of "The Hobbit" (and Peter Jackson) Name All the Dwarves?

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Harry Potter Alphabet

alphabet best of the week challenge characters Harry Potter names poster - 6044808192
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Star Trek Names and Roles

list Chart roles characters names Star Trek infographic captains - 6923686400
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If Those are the Rules, Get Creative!

how i met your mother funny names - 8182693376
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Can't Blame Him

bennedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman names sherlock bbc sherlock holmes simple Watson - 5697403136
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