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It's in Your Nature to be Annoying

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The Fellowship of Product Placement

aragorn commercial gandalf the white labyrinth legolas magic mother orlando bloom - 5780369664
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There comes a time in every young man's life when he realizes it's time to stop letting his mother pick out his clothes.

clothes Daniel Radcliffe embarrassing Harry Potter mother Ron Weasley rupert grint - 6188528384
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You'd be mad too If your Mother Made you wear this hat

Harry Potter mother rupert grint angry Ron Weasley hat - 7043737344
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My Name is Bambi

bambi Colin Ferguson eureka inigo montoya mother prepare to die sheriff jack carter - 5708591360
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Careful with the PDA's

billie piper David Tennant doctor who mother rose tyler the doctor - 5405989376
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That and the tar pit outside the front door...

cloud atlas mother evil Hugo Weaving - 6984185856
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How Did You Guess?

cardassians mother spoon Star Trek - 5466515712
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Mother, You Don't Understand

best of the week Boromir dinner game Lord of the Rings mother one does not simply sean bean - 5693096960
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You'll eat Take-Out and like it!

mother tradition patrick troughton tardis wall - 6727861760
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Remind me - how does the scream of an angry Roc go again...?

angry arya stark egg Game of Thrones happy-mothers-day Maisie Williams mother - 6173639424
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