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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: Dreams of Steel

book covers books cover art fantasy monster pig science fiction wtf - 6422906112
By Unknown

The Horror!

butt eyes monster pans-labyrinth problem scary - 6377599232
See all captions By shithole

She Knows

chocolate grimm mad monster - 6030534656
See all captions By BlueSky246
teaser guillermo del toro monster pacific rim - 45234945

First Teaser for Pacific Rim

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Exactly Why

douglas henshall monster nick cutter Primeval time machine - 5707785984
By Regrubezeehc

A Godzilla X-Mas

best of the week christmas tree godzilla monster - 5541402112
By Unknown

New York, New York!

bird monster new york puppet the giant claw - 5939630336
See all captions By signet02

Crappy Result

flush Gamera monster toilet turtle - 6455275264
See all captions By JOE-STYLE

Dr. Bashir laways was a bit of a pedant

costume julian bashir monster - 6435851264
See all captions By drpraetorius

But she's EVIL!

cant dean winchester evil jensen ackles kill monster sorry Supernatural - 6326083072
See all captions By Stephs
mashup monster godzilla song giant king kong - 46422529

Movie Monster Mashup

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So THAT'S where I put the growth-hormone tester...

bugs john dies at the end monster meat - 7094921984
See all captions By beernbiccies

Ho hum! Same ol' same ol'!

monster lucas bryant haven audrey parker emily rose nathan wuornos - 6687699200
See all captions By beernbiccies

This happens everytime we go to Tokyo.

every time Gamera monster tokyo vacation - 6493481984
See all captions By Jedi51
bad movies mashup monster syfy Video - 38891777

15 Years of The Asylum

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Doctor Who Carnival of Monsters Cover Art

challenge comics cover art doctor who monster - 6567854848
Via C.P. Wilson III
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