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god Thor hammer The Avengers mjolnir chris hemsworth - 6813977600
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So, Captain Hammer Says to me: His hammer is his penis...

captain hammer chris hemsworth dr. horrible's sing-along dr-horribles-sing-along-blog loki mjolnir Thor tom hiddleston - 6457543936
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Scumbag Mjolnir

chris hemsworth mjolnir robot scumbag Thor - 5541406208
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Do you think the spiders dead?

spiders Thor hammer The Avengers mjolnir dead chris hemsworth - 6813942272
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When I said let's get hammered, this is not what I meant!

avengers iron man mjolnir pun tony stark - 6192465664
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loki stealing tom hiddleston mjolnir avengers - 6641165056
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Tiny Avengers

avengers best of the week cute Fan Art hulk iron man mjolnir pants shield tiny tony stark - 6207117312
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Up for a game of Whack-A-Mole?

loki Thor tom hiddleston hammer The Avengers mjolnir chris hemsworth - 7094786560
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Amber Heard as Thor

Thor gender swap Fan Art The Avengers mjolnir - 6972688640
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To All DC and Marvel Fans

batman captain america Green lantern hammer mjolnir Spider-Man superman Thor wolverine - 6538193920
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go home loki, you're drunk

loki shield The Avengers mjolnir captain america - 6880174848
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Super Hangover

avengers chris evans chris hemsworth destruction memory mjolnir - 5715667200
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I don't think so, Tim...

tool time Thor hammer The Avengers mjolnir home improvement chris hemsworth - 6782005504
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Actually, You Could Survive

avengers brains brother chris hemsworth hammer loki mjolnir survive tom hiddleston - 6075193856
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Hipster Thor

chris hemsworth god hipster mjolnir Thor wood - 6456061184
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loki Thor want tom hiddleston The Avengers mjolnir sheild captain america - 6957134848
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