Set Phasers to LOL


Hey, it's the Teenage Mutant Ninj--

teenage mutant ninja turtles dredd 3d costume mistake - 6832103936
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Don't shoot, I'm George Lucas! Uh, oh...

george lucas haven audrey parker shoot emily rose mistake - 6908637952
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That's my son you're chewing on!

gandalf ian mckellan Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings mistake son tree - 6426575360
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Wait--that wasn't supposed to go on Facebook! My mom's gonna kill me!

facebook hunger games jennifer lawrence katniss everdeen mistake no wait - 6417522688
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"... and when you first activate your lightsaber, ensure it is not facing towards anything you don't wish to skewer."

anakin skywalker cartoons instructions lightsaber mistake oops star wars the clone wars - 6457331968
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Personally I blame it on your media-hugging ancestors!

cardassians kardashians martini mistake pun Star Trek - 6463502848
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Say It

bella swan edward cullen kristen stewart mistake robert pattinson twilight - 5954850304
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Wait, that may not be the best example

cheap Harry Potter mistake nose ralph fiennes voldemort - 6506154240
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The first human I ever met was named Jack Harkness.

Awkward human mistake Star Trek - 6471772160
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Nice Try, Tom

avengers chris hemsworth iron man loki mistake robert downey jr tom hiddleston - 6096233216
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