Set Phasers to LOL


Scumbag Dale

dead meme Rick Grimes scumbag The Walking Dead zombie - 5328557056
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Bones, I say we take the phasers and hit those Klingons right in the knee.

arrow in the knee Captain Kirk DeForest Kelley its-dead klingons McCoy meme phasers Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 6435542272
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And On This Day

futurama jesus meme Zoidberg - 5365810176
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doctor who happy hot lost Matt Smith meme new success the doctor thumbs up - 6137628672
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Can't Argue With That!

actor bane batman celeb funny meme summer blockbusters the dark knight rises tom hardy - 6478426112
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Watch Out

Alec Guinness funny meme Movie Neil deGrasse Tyson star wars - 5618808832

Runs away with a mad man in a box. Takes her husband with her.

rory williams karen gillan the doctor Matt Smith husband doctor who meme amy pond arthur darvill - 6683327744
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kate mulgrew eyeroll that moment voyager meme captain janeway Star Trek realize - 6855577088
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Awkward darth vader facepalm meme star wars - 6212186112
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We'll Just Hide Here

meme The Walking Dead zombie - 5389625600
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My first meme was bad and I should feel bad

arya stark Maisie Williams meme Sad Zoidberg Game of Thrones - 6611021056
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It Never Is

a song of ice and fire brace yourselves Eddard Stark Game of Thrones meme sean bean - 6368610816
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Quite a While Ago Too

arrow in the knee Avatar died jake sully meme navi old - 6329705216
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Odin is Kind Of a Terrible Father

best of the week loki meme odin terrible Thor - 6360331776
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Good Guy Doctor

best of the week clone crazy David Tennant doctor who love meme the doctor - 6087946496
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This Probably Happened to At Least a Couple of You Today

doctor who meme the doctor work - 5379196672
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