Set Phasers to LOL


No more facepalming at inconvenient moments even with the heaviest cold!

Ad the dark knight rises mask bane tom hardy batman - 6909733632
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bernard hill Lord of the Rings mask quote Theoden wrong - 6092594944
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What did I say about keeping your mask shiny???

boba fett darth vader mask may the fourth shiny star wars Star Wars Day - 6151318272
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Bane Drain

bane batman mask quote shower the dark knight rises - 6511823104
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The Dark Knight Rises Poster

bane batman dovahkiin mask Skyrim the dark knight rises tom hardy - 5553218048
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How Batman Should Have Defeated Bane

bane bruce wayne crying mask Sad straw - 6470120448
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bane batman christian bale mask the dark knight rises tom hardy - 6036613632
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costume watchmen halloween mask DIY rorschach - 43708929

DIY Cheap, Moving Rorschach Mask of the Day

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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: Who?

wtf book covers cover art mask sci fi iron man who derp - 6787998976
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Bane's Tan Line

bane batman funny mask the dark knight rises tom hardy weird wtf - 6320739584
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George Vader

darth vader mask politics star wars taxes - 5970458368
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They all know that feel....

mask bane Spider-Man batman - 6852972800
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I Can Has Reckoning?

bane batman best of the week cute I Can Has Cheezburger lolcat lolspeak mask the dark knight rises - 6453076736
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Scooby Doo Vs. Doctor Who

alien amy pond best of the week comparison doctor who fred mask rory williams scooby doo shaggy the doctor twist - 6150206976
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doctor who mask Music Theme Song - 27599361

Tim Minchin Performs Doctor Who Theme

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Under Bane's Mask

bane batman beard elephant Fan Art hiding homer simpson mask nose tom hardy - 6491072768
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