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amc crossover lori grimes mad men mashup parody Rick Grimes sketch Video The Walking Dead zombie - 36389377

Walking Dead Mad Men

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arnold schwartzenegger Captain Picard First Contact mashup montage movies patrick stewart Star Trek Video weapons - 36487169

Sci-Fi and Other Heroes Prepare for Battle

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captain america mashup montage movies rescue Spider-Man superheroes Video - 37436417

Superhero Movie Mashup

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dana scully David Duchovny fox mulder gillian anderson mashup omg Video x files - 40825089

OMG Scully!

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Star Wars, Aliens - Darth Vader Xenomorph

Aliens creepy darth vader mashup model scary star wars xenomorph - 6529863936
Via Slash Film
mashup Star Trek Video vorta - 40397825

Iggy Pop's Entire Star Trek Career in Three Minutes

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War On Kincaide

mashup star wars - 7887700992
Via Roland Deschane
power rangers mashup The Avengers - 48676865

The Mighty Morphin' Avengers

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