Set Phasers to LOL

Martin Freeman

What's up with Arthur Dent over there?

arthur dent Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins dwarves The Hobbit confused - 6645960960
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Adventures in Fanart, Pt. 1

bennedict cumberbatch body disturbed Fan Art john watson Martin Freeman proportions Sherlock sherlock bbc - 6228541696
By Kcolrehs

Just don't burn your fingers...

Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins wizard The Hobbit argument - 7000440576
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Maybe That's How he's Still Alive

bennedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman portal gun Sherlock sherlock bbc Watson - 5896527360
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Brain the Size of a Planet, and All They Do is Threaten Me

arthur dent brain ford prefect Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy Martin Freeman marvin Mos Def planet - 5505883136
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Sherlock Valentines

bennedict cumberbatch cards Martin Freeman Sherlock sherlock bbc sherlock holmes Valentines day Watson - 5742914816
Via yourinsidesxrayed


fun door Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit - 6886425600
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Who's Going to Pay for This?

Bilbo Baggins dwarves expensive hobbit Martin Freeman The Hobbit - 5844982272
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I Should Read These More Carefully

Bilbo Baggins contract Martin Freeman season Sherlock The Hobbit - 5717413120
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[Citation Needed]

Bilbo Baggins elrond gandalf Hugo Weaving ian mckellen Martin Freeman ring The Hobbit - 6526191872
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The Hobbit - You Will Never Escape the Fangirls

bennedict cumberbatch Bilbo Baggins dragon fanfiction fangirls hobbit Martin Freeman ship The Hobbit - 6336300544
By Unknown

I should have Frodo pay this now in case he doesn't return from Mordor

Bilbo Baggins bill elrond gandalf Hugo Weaving ian mckellan Martin Freeman mordor The Hobbit - 6500085760
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Am I Frolicking Correctly?

Bilbo Baggins derp Martin Freeman The Hobbit - 6504383488
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You know, if you're as tired of this as I am I hear they're hiring over at The Hobbit

bbc bennedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman Sherlock sherlock holmes The Hobbit tired Watson - 6506053632
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Everything but Lizard and Spock

arthur dent ford prefect Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy Martin Freeman Mos Def rock paper scissors Sam Rockwell zaphod beeblebrox - 5743555584
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Ermahgerd Ther Herbit

Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins Ermahgerd The Hobbit running derp - 6918866432
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