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Martin Freeman

I'd Tust Him More if He Didn't Have a Red Shirt and a Fake Fur collar

Martin Freeman sherlock bbc sherlock holmes - 5392966400
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Dwarves: There's just no pleasing them!

Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins dwarves The Hobbit alive - 6992030720
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Well Done, Sir

legolas stephen colbert Martin Freeman lego puns The Hobbit - 6846985728
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It Was Written First

Bilbo Baggins dwarves Martin Freeman prequel The Hobbit - 5890337024
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You owe me 50 bucks!

light saber bet Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit sword sting - 6764540672
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peter jackson behind the scenes Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins gollum The Hobbit middle earth ian mckellan - 45494017

"The Hobbit" 13-Minute Special

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Who's Going to Pay for This?

Bilbo Baggins dwarves expensive hobbit Martin Freeman The Hobbit - 5844982272
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What? I actually can see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Not that any of it matters.

ford prefect The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Mos Def arthur dent Martin Freeman zaphod beeblebrox marvin Sam Rockwell - 6791846912
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benedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman Office realization Sherlock sherlock bbc Watson - 5996909824
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I Wonder

Bilbo Baggins ebay Martin Freeman selling sting sword The Hobbit - 5621342976
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Target the Size of a Planet, Still Misses

arthur dent ford prefect Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy Martin Freeman marvin Mos Def stormtrooper wrong zaphod beeblebrox - 5507274752
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Trilogy

trilogy Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit - 6953818368
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This wasn't in the job description.

benedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins what The Hobbit sword Sherlock - 6694296064
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bbc bennedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman season two Sherlock sherlock bbc show trailers - 31246081

Trailers: Sherlock Season Two

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You know, if you're as tired of this as I am I hear they're hiring over at The Hobbit

bbc bennedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman Sherlock sherlock holmes The Hobbit tired Watson - 6506053632
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Quick, call the 1-800 number!

Bilbo Baggins elrond gandalf Hugo Weaving ian mckellen magazine Martin Freeman - 6494945024
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