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Lord of the Rings

It's time for a Fellowship LOTR fans. If you're down with Bombadill and Ents, then you'll be doubled over laughing at these hilarious jokes all about your favorite Tolkien land. Can you truly call yourself a Lord of the Rings fan if you don't appreciate these jokes? Take the plunge and find out.

Well I Feel Stupid

Boromir Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings mordor sean bean simply walk - 5643186432
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This Ent Got All Turned Around On The Way To Isengard

trees ent Lord of the Rings - 7975195904
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Mythic Fail

elijah wood Frodo Baggins Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings monty python sam gamgee sean astin wrong - 6358989312
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Meanwhile at Mount Doom

elijah wood Frodo Baggins gandalf Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings mordor sam gamgee sean astin walking - 6360292864
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"Lord of the Rings" PSAs

Lord of the Rings psa the one ring gollum - 6991744512
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Underestimated Hobbit

Lord of the Rings - 5521493760
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Nope, still not tired of this meme

Lord of the Rings still a better love story than twilight Sméagol ring andy serkis - 7094104320
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The First 'Lord of The Rings' Draft Was Ahead Of Its Time

Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings - 7941054720
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Hotness Outweighs Headgear

few hat helmet hot karl urban Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings sexy - 6349820160
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Murr Durr

Boromir Lord of the Rings mordor one does not sean bean - 5309228800
Lord of the Rings reading recording Video - 41785089

J.R.R. Tolkien Reads a Poem in Elvish

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Frodo Baggins halloween hobbits Lord of the Rings sam gamgee lego - 43668993

A Hobbit Halloween

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Lord of the Rings - Amazing

best of the week Boromir loki Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings sean bean tom hiddleston tony stark walking - 6379341056
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Did You Die in That One Too?

actor ass Boromir haunt Lord of the Rings past sean bean - 5938695680
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Not In Mordor, anyway,

animated gif Boromir Gondor Lord of the Rings sean bean - 5295995904
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Nah, I'll Do That Tomorrow

elf elrond hobbits Hugo Weaving Lord of the Rings procrastination sword - 5664742400
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