Set Phasers to LOL


But he just couldn't get it so they gave the line to Uhura.

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You're right, it does say Made in China

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SCOTTY!!??!? Tell me you didn't really.... ...put ALL the Tribbles in that Klingon cruiser's toilet paper dispenser????

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What's a captain to do?

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Today on Qo'nos ...

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Worf was stunned to learn that the founder of Klingon society, was Batman.

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Seriously, It's Getting Old

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Well, that's what we call them in Canada

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Bones, I say we take the phasers and hit those Klingons right in the knee.

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Star Trek and Doctor Who Team Up

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Captain Kirk klingons scared Star Trek William Shatner - 7084263936

Real Klingons can't even SPELL miscegenation!

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My reaction after seeing JJ Abram's Star Trek:

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And we thought they were fierce when they were sober

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Star Trek Logic

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