Set Phasers to LOL


Red Alert!

gif cat Star Trek kitty - 7701388288
By Unknown

Note to self...never play with the kitty when he's mad!

angry Arnold Schwarzenegger hand kitty terminator The Terminator - 6262007808
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In his hidden basement chamber, Lucius secretly looks at kitty lolz using his clandestine muggle internet hookup where he frequently says "Squee!" uncontrollably

cute internet Jason Isaacs kitty lols Lucius Malfoy - 6507929088
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There's Got to Be a Way

Captain Kirk Cats cheezburger I Can Has Cheezburger kitty Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5496998400
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Bad Kitty!

bad brent spiner cat data kitty Star Trek work - 5440547840
By Unknown

Not Again

Aliens cat kitty michael fassbender Noomi Rapace - 5668523520
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Yes You Are

cat companion David Tennant doctor who good kitty the doctor - 5449627904
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