Set Phasers to LOL


I got it on Ebay but the shipping almost killed me

shipping killed jensen ackles anvil Supernatural dean winchester misha collins sam winchester Jared Padalecki castiel ebay - 6847356928
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Blame Jonesy

alien Aliens cat cheezburgers Ellen Ripley killed Ridley Scott sigourney weaver - 5615256320
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Hipster Voldemort

before it was cool cedric diggory edward cullen hate hipster killed ralph fiennes robert pattinson voldemort - 5908332288
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You Get Hungry on the Battleship

alexander skarsgard anchovies battleship killed pizza - 5734397440
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Can't Catch a Break

cancelled dinosaurs fox jason-omara jim shannon killed terra nova - 5936746752
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My Name is The Doctor

best of the week companion Death doctor who inigo montoya killed Matt Smith prepare to die the doctor wish - 5677235712
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Starship: Irony-class

destroyed enterprise famous irony killed Star Trek - 6521664512
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The 21st Century

21st century killed nothing rebellion skynet terminator - 5744161792
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He'll Be Back Next Episode

Death doctor who karen gillan Kenny killed Matt Smith rory williams South Park the doctor - 5381989120
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