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And The Tradition Continues . . .

Fringe John Noble kid reading sick the princess bride Walter Bishop - 6214135552
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bastion dragons kid narration Skyrim the elder scrolls Video video games - 35056129

Skyrim as Narrated by Rucks

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And if I don't agree I just say "illogical" and I win the argument?

advice argument illogical kid secrets son Spock Star Trek Vulcan - 6435536384
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And remember billy.... They will all be dead soon.....

animated series comfort dead kid Spock Star Trek Vulcans - 6435735808
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He Lives

elementary school kid name school - 5684710912
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Ganondorf kid legend of zelda link musical navi ocarina of time singing Video zelda - 36852737

Zelda the Musical

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That moment when you see that "awesome" drawing you did as a kid

drawing kid that moment Captain Picard awesome facepalm patrick stewart - 6739230208
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Do the kids at school tease me about my bald head?

bald kid neo psychic spoon the matrix - 6541836288
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900 years old cute kid luke skywalker yoda - 6504598016
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star wars kid dark side darth vader - 52980225

Good, Let the Hate Flow Through You

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Batman - The Dark Knight Rises Eventually

alfred pennyworth batman bruce wayne kid the dark knight rises wake up - 6582880512
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Stormtrooper Story

best of the week Death Death Star kid lego Sad star wars stormtrooper - 5814130944
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Just Look at Yourself

Daniel Radcliffe harry Harry Potter kid look Pokémon ralph fiennes voldemort - 5509954816
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Joss Whedon kid monster scary sketch Video - 39852801

Scary Smash: Written By a Kid, Featuring Joss Whedon

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chewbacca costume Jedi kid military star wars stormtrooper surprise Video - 40082945

Military Dad Gives his Son a "Star Wars" Surprise

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Best Reason for Detention Ever

effie trinket funny hunger games kid school - 6066290944
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