Set Phasers to LOL


Over use of a phrase

khan Star Trek funny - 7444801536
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All The Khaaaaans

khan Spock kirk Star Trek - 7859725568
By Unknown

Good Grief

peanuts khan kirk Star Trek - 7719760128
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How to Turn Saturday into Shatnerday

khan Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5430920192
By mcmagiccracker

No, Seriously, I'm so Tired

khan gifs into darkness Star Trek - 7494566144
By Unknown

The Wreath of Khan

Captain Kirk khan William Shatner - 6902089728
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khan terminator movies villains evil alien supercut - 44247809

101 Greatest Movie Villains

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khan Star Trek funny - 7432812288
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A Terrarium For Badguys

loki khan star trek into darkness avengers - 7822862848
By Unknown

Yelling at Khan

Captain Kirk james doohan khaaaaan khan scotty Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5802609664
By Greybeard55

Kirk trying to order FLAN at an Alien Bakery for the 100th time.

khan Star Trek noms - 7487839232
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Khan Meets Tattoo

khan laughing Star Trek surprise tattoo - 5770157056
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Scooby Trek

Captain Kirk dogs Fan Art fred khan mashup McCoy scooby doo shaggy Spock Star Trek uhura Vulcan - 6501199104
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Captain Kirk khan Spock Star Trek sulu taiwanese animation trailers Video - 41915393

Taiwanese Animated Trailer for "Star Trek 2"

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The Sound of Awesome Squared

awesome khan kirk sound Star Trek - 5528821248
By paynesgrey

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