Set Phasers to LOL

John Noble

Much more...!

Walter Bishop Anna Torv John Noble Fringe peter bishop ear Olivia Dunham joshua jackson gun loud deaf - 6767009792
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Can you sing, Master Hobbit?

annoyed beyoncé denethor hobbit John Noble Lord of the Rings master shut up singing - 6520906240
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What Happened?

Fringe John Noble question same Walter Bishop - 5565503744
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Federal Bureau of Interior Decorating

Anna Torv Fringe John Noble joshua jackson Olivia Dunham peter bishop Walter Bishop - 5917197312
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Nope, Try Again

Fringe John Noble joshua jackson mind meld peter bishop Vulcan Walter Bishop - 5509027584
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Fringe Walter Bishop John Noble tacos dinner - 6579313664
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Anna Torv Fringe John Noble joshua jackson Leonard Nimoy Movie peter bishop season finale trailers Video Walter Bishop - 37703169

Fringe Season Finale Extended Trailer

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I Left It On!

Anna Torv Fringe John Noble joshua jackson Olivia Dunham peter bishop Walter Bishop - 5319686656
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Walter Undergoes Regression Therapy

fire Fringe John Noble therapy Walter Bishop - 5931257344
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Finally, the quarter I dropped.

John Noble Walter Bishop joshua jackson peter bishop dropped surgery Fringe - 6597408256
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Walter Bishop Anna Torv John Noble behind the scenes Fringe peter bishop better Olivia Dunham joshua jackson observer featurette - 44252673

Fringe: What's Coming for Peter

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compilation Fringe funny John Noble joshua jackson peter bishop quotes strange Video Walter Bishop weird - 35659777

Fringe: The Greatest Walterisms

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Not nice experiences, mind you.

astrid farnsworth Fringe Jasika Nicole John Noble Walter Bishop - 6187566592
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Well, as Real as the World Gets for Walter

3-d glasses Fringe John Noble real Walter Bishop - 6001037568
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Wrong Show, Walter

Fringe John Noble joshua jackson meth peter bishop pudding show Walter Bishop wrong - 5808467968
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What do you mean we're out of diet?

Boromir denethor diet disappointment John Noble Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings out what do you mean - 6234468352
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