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Stark Irony

a song of ice and fire Fan Art Game of Thrones iron man irony puns the iron throne tony stark - 6498262272
Via James Zapata

Irony: Part Duex

doctor who irony Matt Smith the doctor - 5982999040
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Starship: Irony-class

destroyed enterprise famous irony killed Star Trek - 6521664512
Created by _MovesLikeJagger_

Star Wars - Darth Vader Finally Wins Something

alderaan contest darth vader irony noooooo star wars win - 6300427264
Via Dorkly

Oh, Legolas.

confused horses irony legolas Lord of the Rings orlando bloom - 6178312704
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The Time Lord Conundrum

doctor who first irony the doctor william hartnell - 5865773568
See all captions Created by ladytimedramon