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Siri Identifies with Robots in Movies

2001 A Space Oddysey Blade Runner iphone movies robots siri wall.e - 6631909888
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First in line for the iPhone 6

waiting the doctor Matt Smith doctor who line future iphone - 6657552384
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People These Days...

bill cosby iphone - 8246176512
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alfred batman cell phones how it should have ended iphone phone siri superman Video - 35289089

The Bat Phone

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A Trilogy of Phones

C3PO star wars stormtrooper darth vader iphone - 7795397120
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Bad Magic

iphone Game of Thrones Jon Snow - 7896717824
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Movies on your iPhone

allison scagliotti eddie mcclintock iphone joanne kelly myka bering pete latimer warehouse 13 - 5510291456
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5S Comes With a Complimentary Force Choke

stormtrooper droid iphone - 7821246976
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This iPhone Is Getting It Right

11th Doctor 10th doctor 50th anniversary iphone - 7925857280
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Hipster Data

android brent spiner data hipster iphone Star Trek - 5456414208
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Mmmm...Modern Technology...

homer simpson apple iphone - 8090947584
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