Set Phasers to LOL


What is it?

stargate universe Stargate ronald greer jamil walker smith internet suspicious - 6584009216
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In Between Pictures of Cats

alan tudyk captain malcolm reynolds Cats computer Firefly gina torres homework hours internet nathan fillion shepard book wash zoe washburne - 5693295872
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I Love Justin Bieber and Lip Gloss

borg Captain Picard girl internet locutus patrick stewart Star Trek - 5958716672
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star wars internet love darth vader - 6911040000
By Unknown

In his hidden basement chamber, Lucius secretly looks at kitty lolz using his clandestine muggle internet hookup where he frequently says "Squee!" uncontrollably

cute internet Jason Isaacs kitty lols Lucius Malfoy - 6507929088
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There. THERE! that's the kid who's wasting time on the internet!

Alphas azita ghanizada david strathairn internet lee rosen pointing rachel pirzad you - 6204222464
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Wait, but aren't you going to caption this picture?

Alphas azita ghanizada rachel pirzad internet shut up homework caption picture - 6602661888
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Don't worry, Ma'am.

allison scagliotti claudia donovan dont worry internet warehouse 13 - 5373857792
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McGonagall Does Not Approve

gryffindor Harry Potter internet maggie smith magic points practicing professor mcgonagall - 5709319680
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Mind Blown....

android brent spiner cat data internet spot Star Trek - 6325376000
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I know this great place! Serves real good fried Mothra with rice and sake.

dating godzilla internet restaurant - 6231724032
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Help, Spock!

bad internet Spock help Leonard Nimoy Star Trek keyboard - 6956352512
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The Internet's Amazing

internet patrick stewart Star Trek TNG - 5408831744
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I find your incessent procastination on the internet to be most illogical.

illogical internet Leonard Nimoy procrastination Spock Star Trek - 6404445184
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Internet Fandom by the Numbers

best of the week doctor who fandom fanfiction Harry Potter infographic internet Star Trek star wars twilight - 5590728960
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We Need to Talk

homework internet Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn Star Trek william riker Worf - 5443776512
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