Set Phasers to LOL


Hipster Graham Norton

annoying inappropriate the doctor ads Matt Smith doctor who - 6915425536
By Fyrmer


disappointment inappropriate Jedi Mace Windu star wars yoda - 6277287936
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dancing jensen ackles inappropriate Supernatural dean winchester - 24581

Dean Winchester Sure Picks the Wrong Times to Start a Dance Party

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Now We Have To Sit Through Another Seminar

inappropriate Spock kirk Star Trek - 7854477824
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Another Shatnerday Another Starfleet H.R. Violation

April Fools Day Captain Kirk inappropriate Nichelle Nichols Shatnerday Star Trek uhura underwear William Shatner - 5993878016
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I've Made My Choice

awake dude eyes inappropriate Jason Isaacs looking Staring - 6121149952
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