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I'm Not a Lot of Things

dammit DeForest Kelley im-a-doctor-not-an-x jim McCoy Spock Star Trek - 5401633792
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He's Dead, Jim

captain DeForest Kelley im-a-doctor-not-an-x McCoy obvious Star Trek - 5395841536
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Bones!, the red shirts, always die, when we land

DeForest Kelley die im-a-doctor-not-an-x McCoy redshirt - 6415305728
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It's Dead Jim

dead deforest kelly im-a-doctor-not-an-x McCoy - 5372553216
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Damn it, Jim! I'm a Doctor not a Swiffer!

bones Captain Kirk clean damn it DeForest Kelley dirty im-a-doctor-not-an-x jim McCoy Shatnerday tribbles William Shatner - 6236770560
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Damn It, Jim

Captain Kirk DeForest Kelley im-a-doctor-not-an-x McCoy Star Trek William Shatner - 6434942976
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Hey Bones, which one of these would look good as a toupee?

bones Captain Kirk dammit jim DeForest Kelley doctor im-a-doctor-not-an-x McCoy Shatnerday Star Trek tribbles William Shatner - 6291378432
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