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Is that even logical, Mr. Spock?

Captain Kirk idiots Leonard Nimoy logical Shatnerday Spock Star Trek William Shatner - 6420430336
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Kiss, kiss, kiss. KISS IDIOTS!!!

claudia black ben browder John Crichton farscape idiots aeryn sun - 6880391424
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"Prepare yourself, Winter is coming" NOT "Brace yourself" Get it right you idiots

brace yourself Game of Thrones idiots ned stark sean bean wrong - 6270910464
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Idiots Idiots Everywhere

artie nielsen saul rubinek claudia donovan allison scagliotti warehouse 13 everywhere idiots - 6658940160
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After much sitting and pondering, Sherlock deduced a universal theory to explain everything .

benedict cumberbatch idiots sherlock bbc sherlock holmes sitting - 6556380160
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