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ian mckellan

Picard, Spock and Gandalf Walk Into A Bar

picard Spock gandalf Leonard Nimoy ian mckellan patrick stewart - 7817881856
By Unknown

GPS Does Not Simply Work in Mordor

elijah wood Frodo Baggins gandalf gps ian mckellan Lord of the Rings mordor - 5925751552
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For the Last Time

gandalf ian mckellan last santa The Hobbit wizard - 5596389888
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Can I Be In Your Club?

ian mckellan patrick stewart - 7856605440
By Unknown

I should have Frodo pay this now in case he doesn't return from Mordor

Bilbo Baggins bill elrond gandalf Hugo Weaving ian mckellan Martin Freeman mordor The Hobbit - 6500085760
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That's my son you're chewing on!

gandalf ian mckellan Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings mistake son tree - 6426575360
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That's Some Magic

aging gandalf ian mckellan magic older think - 5595698944
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You'd think DIY would be easy for a wizard

basement DIY finish gandalf ian mckellan light Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings - 6234978048
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Star Wars, Lord of the Rings - Jedi Mind Tricks

Alec Guinness gandalf ian mckellan jedi mind tricks Lord of the Rings obi-wan kenobi star wars you shall not pass - 5935485696
By Unknown


gandalf ian mckellan Lord of the Rings milla jovovich multipass you shall not pass - 5685262336
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Scumbag Gandalf

disappearing elijah wood Frodo Baggins gandalf help ian mckellan Lord of the Rings never scumbag secrets - 6150010880
By PrincessWordplay

Comic Con Like a Sir

ian mckellan tweet patrick stewart sdcc 2013 - 7683280384
By Unknown

Lord of the Rings by George R.R. Martin

gandalf george r r martin ian mckellan Lord of the Rings - 5419895296
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Do It, Jackson

gandalf ian mckellan life Lord of the Rings peter jackson - 5643252224
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Laundry Day

gandalf gandalf the white ian mckellan laundry Lord of the Rings - 5655031040
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Bilbo Baggins hobbit ian mckellan Martin Freeman The Hobbit trailers Video - 38506497

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