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Under Bane's Mask

bane batman beard elephant Fan Art hiding homer simpson mask nose tom hardy - 6491072768
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That's One Way to Kick the Bucket...

funny the simpsons homer simpson - 8134653184
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I Don't Think You're Getting the Point...

homer simpson criticism funny stupid - 8121981952
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Homer Has His Moments of Brilliance

the simpsons homer simpson women - 8237969664
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The Simpsons Almost Broke the Fourth Wall

homer simpson Matt Groening the simpsons - 8158128384

Mmmm...Modern Technology...

homer simpson apple iphone - 8090947584
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Just Donut

puns homer simpson - 8114931968
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Always a Great Start to a Sales Pitch

homer simpson FAIL the simpsons - 8165087232
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Remember When This Was Controversial?

homer simpson gifs TV - 8101415168
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The Simpsons are Waiting for Diablo III Too

best of the week Fan Art homer simpson the simpsons waiting - 6214220544
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Today is MY Saturday!

homer simpson lazy the simpsons funny - 8074451456
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A Second Thought Not Worth Having

stupid homer simpson thinking - 8116623360
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A Simple Test for a Simpler Man

homer simpson tests the simpsons lie detector - 8070891776
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The Proof is in the Pudding...or is That Your Brain

homer simpson genius funny stupid - 8166267392
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Homer Simpson And Peter Griffin's Nuclear Transformation

homer simpson family guy gifs simpsons - 8272704256
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Nurse Cancel My One O'Clock

gifs homer simpson simpsons - 5160679936
By electrodinosaur
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