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Well, Warp 5 Then!

best of the week Captain Kirk hobbits Shatnerday Spock Star Trek tribbles William Shatner - 6000263680
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hobbits Bilbo Baggins song rap The Hobbit - 46422017

Hilltop Hobbits

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behind the scenes elijah wood hobbits Martin Freeman peter jackson The Hobbit - 31380993

The Hobbit: Peter Jackson's Fifth Video Blog

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Frodo Baggins halloween hobbits Lord of the Rings sam gamgee lego - 43668993

A Hobbit Halloween

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hobbits homemade sweded The Hobbit trailers Video - 32000257

The Hobbit Trailer Sweded

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Misunderstood Boromir

hobbits Lord of the Rings sean bean - 5989674496
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Lord of the Rings Reunion

billy boyd dominic monaghan elijah wood Frodo Baggins hobbits Lord of the Rings Merry brandybuck pippin took sean astin - 5360200704
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Quentin Tarantino's The Hobbit

billy boyd dominic monaghan elijah wood hobbits Lord of the Rings posing Reservoir Dogs reunion sean astin - 6632268544
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Everyone Hates Halflings

hobbits gif legolas Lord of the Rings gandalf gandalf the white - 7764971008
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hobbits Lord of the Rings sean bean new zealand - 45683713

A Simple Walk into Mordor: Episode One

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Don't worry, little Hobbits. My bark is worse than my bite.

bite hobbits Lord of the Rings pun - 6521116928
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Shire Can't Handle Me

gandalf hobbits Lord of the Rings middle earth The Shire - 5471589888
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Saruman Incognito

Christopher Lee hobbits howling looking Lord of the Rings saruman - 5787106816
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It's Not Natural

hobbits shave Frodo Baggins feet gandalf sorry elijah wood - 6746003968
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And pick me up some cigarettes too!

Bilbo Baggins hobbits Martin Freeman The Hobbit - 5290106880
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Soon they'll start charging five gold per transaction

hobbits Lord of the Rings Martin Freeman - 5286178816
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