Set Phasers to LOL


High as a kite... In the air whatchu talking about Willis? Whether you're at great altitude, in body or mind, you'll find plenty of high reaching memes and puns to keep you busy up there in the clouds.


dogs dude ewok high star wars - 5982550528
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Or will it be Dwarves...?

peter jackson Lord of the Rings high dwarves gandalf smoke The Hobbit pipe weed - 7020094976
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Cough Cough

Captain Kirk high Leonard Nimoy Shatnerday smoking Spock William Shatner - 6547139072
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Super Vulcan and spores

high Leonard Nimoy Spock superhero Vulcan - 6434584832
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and these are not my hands -they're imposters!

once upon a time evil queen high David Anders lana parrilla hands regina mills Dr-Whale - 6662429952
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