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Harry Potter

McGonagall Does Not Approve

gryffindor Harry Potter internet maggie smith magic points practicing professor mcgonagall - 5709319680
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Harry Potter - I Am?

best of the week Hagrid Harry Potter pun robbie coltrane wizard - 6210263040
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death eaters Harry Potter parents professor snape school voldemort - 6199262464
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Daniel Radcliffe emma watson fan made Harry Potter hermione granger maggie smith Ron Weasley rupert grint Video - 41623553

Mischief Managed: a Harry Potter Retrospective

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Don't Get on Snape's Bad Side

Alan Rickman eat gifs Harry Potter pee snape - 6040759808

They're Real?

harry Harry Potter hermione granger Hogwarts looks like Photo remember Ron Weasley - 6184923648
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Stunned disbelief...

bad movie Daniel Radcliffe emma watson Harry Potter hermione granger reaction Ron Weasley rupert grint - 6435365120
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So,what do you guys wanna do when you grow up?

dancing Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe grow up hermione granger posing future rupert grint Ron Weasley emma watson - 6999726080
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Are You Sure?

Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter kill ralph fiennes Sparkle voldemort - 5544427776
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behind the scenes Daniel Radcliffe documentary emma watson Harry Potter Hogwarts rupert grint - 29563649

When Harry Left Hogwarts

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Best of the Year: Top Five Movies of 2011

2011 best of the year Harry Potter movies tom felton twilight - 5568676096

Forever a Ron

forever alone Harry Potter never Ron Weasley rupert grint - 5509133824
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This Version's Better Anyway

Alan Rickman Harry Potter potions science Severus Snape - 6026616320
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Sci-Fi Duos Merged

batman bella swan Captain Kirk creepy edward cullen harry Harry Potter hermione granger Leonard Nimoy nightmare Ron Weasley sci fi Spock Star Trek twilight William Shatner x files - 5448826368
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The DA Is Getting A Little Long In The Tooth

harry Harry Potter hermione ron Simon Pegg - 5297993984
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A Bloody Eye Exam

bonnie wright calm down Daniel Radcliffe david thewlis ginny weasley harry Harry Potter professor lupin scared threat wand - 6369071104
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