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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: Web of Angels

angels book covers books cover art hands science fiction wtf - 5671097344

Snape's a True Playa

Alan Rickman hands Harry Potter points snape - 5543372032
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This Babysitting Thing is Harder Than I Thought

crap eyes hands monster pans-labyrinth scared - 6354331904
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Show of Hands

dinosaurs hands nathaniel taylor raise hand show Stephen Lang terra nova - 5794357248
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Sticking It to Da Man

Captain Kirk mind meld stuck Spock hands Leonard Nimoy Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday - 6658066176
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The Next Movie Based on a Hit Game

alien battleship best of the week game hands rock paper scissors science fiction - 6276431104
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How About a Shatnerday Story, Bill?

Captain Kirk green hands james doohan laughing scotty Shatnerday Star Trek story William Shatner - 5804926720
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Found in the S-Mart Restroom

ash bruce campbell evil dead hands work - 5746435072
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and these are not my hands -they're imposters!

once upon a time evil queen high David Anders lana parrilla hands regina mills Dr-Whale - 6662429952
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