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Gryffindors: a Katy Perry Parody

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Harry Potter Easter Eggs

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Hey, Hagrid can I borrow your letter-opener?

borrow Daniel Radcliffe giant gryffindor Hagrid harry Harry Potter letter opener sword - 6437955584
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McGonagall Does Not Approve

gryffindor Harry Potter internet maggie smith magic points practicing professor mcgonagall - 5709319680
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So we're Hufflepuf, Ravenclaw and Slitherin .

Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy Spock McCoy DeForest Kelley Harry Potter gryffindor houses - 6622826496
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Forget those sissy wands!

Daniel Radcliffe forget gryffindor Harry Potter sword - 6459121408
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Star Trek at Hogwarts

cardassian data gryffindor Hogwarts houses hufflepuff odo slytherin sorting hat Spock Star Trek - 5541983488
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Hogwarts House Dresses

gryffindor Harry Potter Hogwarts house hufflepuff slytherin - 6509156864
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