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What exactly do you mean by "It looks a little snug around the hips!"

angry fairy tale fat grimm monster - 6487125760
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Into a Dark Forest?

dark david giuntoli Forest grimm hank griffin hansel and gretel nick burkhardt russell hornsby witch - 5757317888
See all captions By emememaker73

Isn't it my turn for the sword?

grimm Silas Weir Mitchell david giuntoli fight holiday nick burkhardt monroe - 6627130624
See all captions By beernbiccies


grimm relationships - 7424492288
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damn it ginger grimm shoot tan zombie - 6316103424
See all captions By NorbJones

After 20 Years of Marriage, You Pick Up on These Things

angry grimm husband lizard marriage monster period - 6066657536
See all captions By ivybabydoll31

His Teeth Look Great Though

david giuntoli grimm nick burkhardt - 5561278720
See all captions By drpraetorius

Really Let Himself Go

booze grimm monroe wolverine - 5746838528
See all captions By sarcazmo

Well, this is awkward. I thought you said Costco opened at 8:00.

russell hornsby hank griffin grimm Awkward waiting david giuntoli open nick burkhardt - 6628803072
See all captions By bew_thatwasfast

It's the Last Midnight

david giuntoli grimm hank griffin last midnight nick burkhardt russell hornsby singing Songs - 5799755776
See all captions By alisaj29

Do What She Says, or Suffer a Grimm Fate

fairy tale grimm monster pretty - 5967222528
See all captions By thatonechick12

On second thoughts, let's get out quick and pretend we never saw her...

grimm Silas Weir Mitchell david giuntoli scared confused nick burkhardt monroe - 6949452032
See all captions By beernbiccies

In the Woods

bear david giuntoli grimm hank griffin nick burkhardt russell hornsby woods - 5746862080
See all captions By sarcazmo

Make the Wait Easier with These "Grimm" Webisodes

webisodes grimm Silas Weir Mitchell monroe - 7063911168
By Unknown

A Grimm Future

cat grimm low budget - 5667019008
See all captions By lkchild

Buy Some!

commercial grimm monster - 6027001600
See all captions By NManzi
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