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What is Worse

gladOS idiot power psycho science video games Wheatley worse - 5570145024
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aperture science gladOS halloween parody Portal portal 2 song the nightmare before christmas turrets Video Wheatley - 33037057

This is Aperture

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gladOS letter MLP my little pony Portal portal 2 Video - 32350465

A Letter From GLaDOS to Princess Celestia

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Portal Valentine

blue cake gladOS Portal portal 2 testing turrets Valentines day Wheatley - 5806198016
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True love

best of the week dalek destroy doctor who gladOS humans like love Portal - 5856774912
Created by packmanjon
the legend of zelda hunger games Portal video games gladOS - 45397761

The Hunger Gamers

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trailers guillermo del toro monster movies Portal pacific rim gladOS mechs - 45714945

Trailer: Pacific Rim

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song music video Portal gladOS - 46936577

The Turret Anthem

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beyoncé gladOS Portal Song Parody space Video Wheatley - 37545729

Portal - If I Were a Core

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Portal 2 Wall Painting

art gladOS painting portal 2 valve video games - 6417243392
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gladOS Portal portal 2 Song Parody the nightmare before christmas Video Wheatley - 34346497

The Wheatley Song

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It's Your Old Friend

amanda tapping friend gladOS Portal samantha carter Stargate Stargate SG-1 - 5808925184
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gladOS jonathan coulton Portal the-brain-that-wouldnt-die Video - 33888001

Still Alive

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