Set Phasers to LOL


Yeah...Nuns do That All the Time!

golden girls disguise gifs funny - 8143827200
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Bad Dobby

bad Badass dancing Dobby free gifs Harry Potter - 5646089472
By Unknown

Nice Try...

friends gifs sexy times - 8202949376
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Game of Thrones Jaqen H'ghar: Master of Disguise

best of the week disguise Game of Thrones gifs glasses Jaqen H'ghar - 6301547776
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Respect for Authority

gifs the simpsons police - 8291042048
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Perfectly Executed

30 rock chewbacca gifs noise star wars - 5855938816
By Unknown

"Hello again."

gifs doctor who 50th anniversary - 7702853888
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Terminator, My Cousin!

gifs terminator - 5685628160
By Unknown

The Tanners Did it First

game gifs full house - 8138410240
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Bill Nye the Dizzy Guy

bill nye gifs - 8286633728
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Spoiler of the Day: It's a Cookbook

gifs spoilers twilight zone - 8191631872
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Real Life Simpsons

gifs the simpsons - 8205999360

Lana Del Ray Is Suffering From Brady-Time Sadness

gifs - 8194512384
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The Eleven Doctors

scifi gifs doctor who bbc - 7146203136
By Emi_Chan (Via Antony Bennison)

When You Come Across Something Online That's Too Much to Handle

gifs reactions data Star Trek funny - 7704255232
By Unknown


batman gifs retro TV - 8116336128
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