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Being a Doctor is Stressful

doctor who freema agyemen gifs martha jones the doctor - 5660030720
By Unknown

I Love You So Much, I'm Afraid I Can't Be Around You Any Longer

the office gifs Michael Scott love - 8106413824
By Unknown

R2-Dalek2 & Cyber-3PO

crossover gifs doctor who Star Trek - 7157732608
By GuyOfOdd (Via

No, Seriously, I'm so Tired

khan gifs into darkness Star Trek - 7494566144
By Unknown

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back in One Gif

best of the week Empire Strikes Back Fan Art gifs luke skywalker movies scifi star wars summary - 6360550144
Via Folds Five

Just the Fear of Everything, Including Pants

gifs 11th Doctor doctor who - 7155597312
By Unknown

That's Fly

gifs aquaman - 8125879808
Via sam is great

Will Capaldi's TARDIS be Different?

doctor who gifs Peter Capaldi - 7918398976
By Tempest_Wing

It's a Good Look for You

gifs Supernatural dean winchester - 7186371840
By Unknown

Aquaman is Useless On a Horse

aquaman gifs - 8235391232
Via Randar

Ron Knows All the Power Moves

gifs ron swanson parks and recreation - 8124572160
Via iluvgifs

The One Hero Missing from The Avengers

avengers box cat Cats gifs multipanel Samuel L Jackson sci fi superhero talk The Avengers - 6370021888
Via Hermione Ganja

Live Action Futurama Intro

futurama gifs intro Matt Groening Stop-Motion Animation - 6353620480
By Unknown

I'm Living Proof of That

gifs funny - 8168399360
Via woogss

Save Me a Seat!

gifs Harrison Ford - 7360463360
By Unknown

Shake That

gifs cartoons - 8282182656
Via Ruined Childhood
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