Set Phasers to LOL

george takei

Fire Phasers Just to be Safe

Captain Kirk cat george takei Leonard Nimoy Nyan Cat phasers Shatnerday Spock Star Trek William Shatner - 5698534656
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Oh, George

star wars facebook Battlestar Galactica Star Trek george takei - 7197513984
By Unknown

Keep Your Voices Down

Captain Kirk george takei Leonard Nimoy redshirts Shatnerday Spock Star Trek sulu William Shatner - 5501351424
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Data Is Incomplete

TNG data Star Trek sulu george takei - 7752504576
By kadigan

Mixed Reaction

Captain Kirk Spock reactions Leonard Nimoy Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday sulu george takei - 6861449728
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The Most Relaxing Warp Factor

Captain Kirk Star Trek William Shatner sulu george takei walter koenig - 6842073856
By Unknown

So I guess this is goodbye...

away mission george takei mirror mirror Nichelle Nichols red shirt Star Trek sulu uhura - 6509431552
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Captain Kirk george takei Nichelle Nichols Star Trek sulu try uhura - 6507228416
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Archie Cast Cosplaying as "Star Trek" Characters

comic books cosplay george takei Spock Star Trek sulu - 6534748160
Via Bleeding Cool

Hey, that has a catchy ring

Fencing eye sword poked Star Trek sulu george takei - 6658335488
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Happy Birthday, George Takei!

Fencing george takei happy birthday shirtless men Star Trek - 6137883136
By Unknown

Go eat yourself...

george takei misunderstanding model Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 6483500544
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Reality Shots for the Logbook

Captain Kirk george takei Leonard Nimoy photos pictures Shatnerday smiling sorry Spock Star Trek sulu Vulcan William Shatner - 5500881152
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Only Good Boys Get a Lollipop

DeForest Kelley doctor george takei McCoy scream shot Star Trek sulu - 5719779328
By AreUKiddnMe

So then I says “Honey, you look fat in that dress." And that’s how I got this scar.

hurt fat scar uhura honesty Star Trek dress sulu george takei Nichelle Nichols - 6651050752
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*Please* Tell Me This is One of Those Weird Japanese Things

Captain Kirk DeForest Kelley george takei japanese Leonard Nimoy McCoy Shatnerday Spock Star Trek sulu weird William Shatner - 6088252160
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