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sketch Lord of the Rings gandalf ian mckellan - 44376833

Ian McKellen's Lost "Lord of the Rings" Commentary

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Pearls of Wisdom

wisdom dumbledore gandalf doctor who yoda - 7874292736
By Unknown

Marauder's Map

Bilbo Baggins elrond gandalf Harry Potter Hogwarts Hugo Weaving ian mckellan marauders map Martin Freeman middle earth - 6443678208
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The Hobbit Anime Poster

Bilbo Baggins anime Fan Art gandalf The Hobbit thorin oakenshield - 6972712192
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Talk About Plot Twists!

Bilbo Baggins gandalf Hugo Weaving ian mckellen marauders map neo The Hobbit the matrix - 6465522944
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FAILS Frodo Baggins gandalf Lord of the Rings Music remix song the fellowship of the ring Video win - 34738945

The Fellowship of the Remix

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...and anyway I'm not interested in rings or jewellery of any kind just at the moment!

sign Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins ian mckellen gandalf wizard The Hobbit stop - 6743209984
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Oh God

gandalf ian mckellan The Hobbit you shall not pass - 5622735872
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aragorn Boromir Frodo Baggins gandalf gollum lego Lord of the Rings sam gamgee trailers Video video games - 40751617

New "Lego: The Lord of the Rings" Trailer

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Frodo Baggins gandalf gollum lego Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings the one ring trailers Video video games - 38491649

Trailer: Lego Lord of the Rings

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Shire Can't Handle Me

gandalf hobbits Lord of the Rings middle earth The Shire - 5471589888
By Unknown

'Cos it sure doesn't smell like Longbottom Leaf...

drugs elijah wood Frodo Baggins gandalf ian mckellan Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings smoking wizard - 6333419776
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Panoramic Poster for "The Hobbit" Tells (Almost) the Whole Story

Bilbo Baggins gandalf gollum huge ian mckellen Martin Freeman Movie poster story The Hobbit - 6416860160
Via Entertainment Weekly
trailers Movie gandalf - 44926209

"The Hobbit" Trailers Re-Edited

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What Time Is It?

adventure time gandalf hobbit ian mckellan The Hobbit wizard - 5622563840
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I'm Sure I'll Come Back

aragorn arrows Boromir gandalf Lord of the Rings sean bean - 5730898688
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