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Lord of the Rings - Socially Awkward Sam

frodo Lord of the Rings sam gamgee sean astin socially awkward - 5747714048
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Mordor Road

aragorn frodo gandalf legolas Lord of the Rings the Beatles - 5553363456
By JMJMad1

Go On!

care elijah wood frodo gandalf ian mckellan Lord of the Rings mordor - 5918967040
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And In The Mathematics Bind Them

frodo math - 7888817152
By Unknown

One does not simply Fly Frodo to Mount Doom to save two movies

frodo Lord of the Rings sean bean birds movies one does not simply Boromir flying - 6971194112
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Bilbo Moves to the Suburbs

Bilbo Baggins elijah wood frodo house lost The Hobbit - 5662174720
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Well, that'll make the rest of the trip a breeze!

frodo - 7997711360
By beernbiccies

Yay Meez

elijah wood frodo Lord of the Rings picture poster - 5335258112
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Lord of the Rings on Facebook

aragorn characters comic facebook frodo funny gandalf Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings Sméagol the one ring treebeard walk - 6276773376
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Gaining Energy

frodo jokes Lord of the Rings - 7924543488
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Frodo's Tired of Rings

frodo Lord of the Rings aragorn - 7732603392
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