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The Avengers as a 1990s Sitcome

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The True Story of the Rancor

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Just Kidding! See? I was Acting Right There!

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Nice Try, Shatner

Captain Kirk easy friends selling Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5780112384
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Keep Your Misery to Yourself

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Having a Roommate can be Complicated

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Like He Ever Really Wanted to Know!

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Not quite the "official" version.

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Nice Try...

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Fleeing From Cylon Tyranny Seems Like a Great Time!

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And You Thought YOU Had Reasons for Being Afraid of Clowns...

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editing friends Party song Star Trek Video - 37200897

Star Wars Characters Sing "Party With my Friends"

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Explaining Game of Thrones and Doctor Who

college humor doctor who friends Game of Thrones Khal Drogo the doctor - 6598610432
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friends doctor who 50th anniversary - 57726465

The Friends Theme Gives the Fiftieth Anniversary a Very Different Feeling

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I Guess Spelling it Out Doesn't Even Work

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You Just Think You're in Control

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