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force choke

It's Shatnerday, but Not Everyone's Happy

Captain Kirk choking dark side feel force choke happy power Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 6099423232
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Bad Day at Work

bad day best of the week force choke not the droids star wars stormtrooper work - 5505069056
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Dark Side Problems

star wars force choke funny darth vader - 7453840384
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No, Padme! I am the prettier one!

padme force choke hayden christensen natalie portman anakin skywalker pretty - 6913586176
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The Snape Special

Alan Rickman Death force choke Harry Potter snape special - 5739772160
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The Dark Side Knows Romance

star wars force choke - 7795403520
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Just let me go, I promise I won't ever say YOLO again!

anakin skywalker natalie portman padme hayden christensen yolo force choke never - 6597434112
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But, my Lord Vader... ...this is... Star Tr...

darth vader force choke Nichelle Nichols Shatnerday Star Trek uhura William Shatner wrong - 6275873024
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Jedi Older Brothers

anakin skywalker choking force choke hayden christensen natalie portman padme star wars why are you hitting yours - 6381691648
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Concentrate, Young Pee-Wee

darth vader finger force choke star wars the dark side - 5362107648
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