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Felicia Day

These weather reports get more complicated all the time

weather Felicia Day eureka complicated - 6787757568
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Poor Fargo

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I'm sure Julia can wait till after tea

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But This One's Cool Too

disappointment douglas fargo eureka Felicia Day holly marten innuendo neil grayston - 6340054016
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Then perhaps YOU can explain the giant spoon stuck in this woman's head!

spoon wil wheaton neil grayston Awkward Felicia Day holly marten explain douglas fargo - 6822539264
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anime dr-horribles-sing-along-blog Felicia Day Joss Whedon Neil Patrick Harris Video - 42805249

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: The Anime

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Make you a sandwich? Howabout I make you INTO a sandwich?!

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We've All Been There

jensen ackles Felicia Day Supernatural Jared Padalecki - 7751773440
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Riker's Beard. Artifact.

crossover eureka Felicia Day warehouse 13 - 5419798272
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Felicia Day holly marten - 6860248832
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Elfin Magic

cookies dragon age elves Felicia Day magic video games - 5506500352
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fantasy Felicia Day video games - 29912833

Felicia Day Plays with Herself

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dragon age fantasy Felicia Day video games Web Series - 27602945

Dragon Age: Redemption - Episode 1

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fantasy Felicia Day adventure video games poetry - 47335937

Hear Some Poetry a 12-Year-Old Felicia Day Wrote About Video Games

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