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fast food

That's right, six loaded burgers and a diet cola

fast food fat jabba the hutt may the fourth star wars Star Wars Day - 6091626240
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I Have Foreseen a Free Shake

star wars puns fast food Emperor Palpatine - 8040589312
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NO, you can NOT have one of my fries!

joe bruce willis fries gun eating no fast food looper - 6675762176
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"Ask me for fries one more time, they'll come with a stake."

buffy summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer burger fast food fries Sarah Michelle Gellar stake working - 6539620352
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Um.. Welcome to Vader King may I take your order?

star wars funny fast food - 7589564672
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With a Large Shake

beavis and butthead fast food - 8146667776
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