Set Phasers to LOL


Oh sure... blame the fart on the robot that does not produce any form of gas whatsoever.

ford prefect The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Mos Def arthur dent Martin Freeman robot zaphod beeblebrox marvin Sam Rockwell blame fart - 6698481408
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Why does someone always fart in the elevator?

elevator star wars Awkward luke skywalker why fart darth vader Mark Hamill - 6644296704
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People Can Always Tell If You Do.

arrow obvious beam advice fart stephen amell - 6716596224
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Burrito night on the Enterprise

Captain Kirk smell enterprise Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday fart - 6684906240
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buffy summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer few smell Sarah Michelle Gellar nicholas brendon xander harris screaming fart - 6577151744
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fart luke skywalker Mark Hamill return of the jedi star wars Video yoda - 31677953

Return of the Farting Jedi

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