Set Phasers to LOL


Maybe this isn't the guy we need for Sheriff after all...

cafe diem eureka fargo house sheriff - 6451800832
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It's gonna be a wild nerd day

fargo jo lupo erica cerra jack carter worried Colin Ferguson eureka dogs weird - 6764500224
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Poor Fargo

eureka fargo Felicia Day forever alone girlfriend holly marten hologram Sad - 6333015808
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He's had some bad experiences on Facebook

fargo buffy summers eureka library Buffy the Vampire Slayer women Rupert Giles - 6816715264
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But...violence never solves anything!

button Colin Ferguson danger eureka fargo finger problem solved sheriff jack carter shooting threat - 6471055616
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So apparently it's NOT a costume bad, guys

Colin Ferguson eureka fargo jack carter mistake - 6334100992
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That goes for me too, Bro!

joe morton fargo allison blake jack carter alternate universe Colin Ferguson eureka confused henry deacon salli richardson-whitfield flying - 6780275712
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