Set Phasers to LOL


If I Had Hair, Data, That Man Would Make Me Rip It All Out

arrested brent spiner Captain Picard every time facepalm patrick stewart Riker - 6461371648
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I'm sorry, sir... ...but Firefly isn't getting a second season

brent spiner Captain Picard data facepalm Firefly patrick stewart Sad second season sorry - 6441618688
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Advertisement I opened the door... just to let the children see the stars more clearly...

door brent spiner kids Captain Picard facepalm data space patrick stewart - 6622981376
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anna silk bo dyson Kris Holden-Ried facepalm lost girl - 6544532736
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Picard should have known better

brent spiner Captain Picard data facepalm patrick stewart Star Trek time - 6443757056
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Face Palm Through The Generations

TNG TOS facepalm voyager Star Trek - 7886014464
By Unknown

Even with Kenzi's guidance poor Dyson struggled to grasp the concept of the 'facepalm'

dyson facepalm Kris Holden-Ried lost girl - 6460411648
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Who'd have thought there'd be a learning curve?

facepalm William Shatner Shatnerday Star Trek doing it wrong Captain Kirk - 6585739776
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It's a Complicated Relationship

picard TNG Spock facepalm data Star Trek - 7765010176
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Even As an Old Man, He's Still Got Super-Swag

batman facepalm golden girls old superman swag - 6432119296
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That moment when you see that "awesome" drawing you did as a kid

drawing kid that moment Captain Picard awesome facepalm patrick stewart - 6739230208
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Epic Celebration

Captain Picard facepalm patrick stewart photos Star Trek - 5890602240
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Do You Even Snopes?

Captain Picard facepalm Star Trek patrick stewart - 6989636096
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The Janeway Facepalm

best of the week captain janeway eyes facepalm Star Trek stupidity - 5574110976
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I didn't want to see that.

Captain Picard data facepalm patrick stewart Star Trek the next generation - 6447368192
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No, Leonard, turn your hand around...

Spock facepalm Leonard Nimoy Star Trek - 7021202176
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