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Hey excuse me, can eyebrows your computer? Mine stopped working. Well whether you tweeze them, wax them, burn them, thread them, or even tattoo them, eyebrows should not be underrated. All it takes is a perfectly solid line of hair above your eyes and you'll be the next viral meme. So learn from these people and take care of them.

It's mighty fetching but I doubt they are gonna let ya play Legolas in the next Lord of the Rings film

Captain Kirk legolas Lord of the Rings scotty McCoy eyebrows DeForest Kelley Star Trek William Shatner james doohan - 7088570368
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The Eyebrows of Sherlock and Doctor Who

arthur darvill billie piper christopher eccleston David Tennant doctor who eyebrows karen gillan Martin Freeman Matt Smith none sherlock bbc - 5707100672
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What Have You Done?

eyebrows Leonard Nimoy Spock Star Trek wanted - 5708058368
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Come On! Be a Man!

eyebrows friends funny - 8134636800
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That Lannister Charm

eyebrows Game of Thrones gifs peter dinklage tyrion lannister - 5918000640
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