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Pst, I'm not pointing the gun at you you idiot!

embarrassing gun h-g-wells jaime murray pointing warehouse 13 - 6269721088
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I've betrayed everyone I grew up with. Now I'll have respect.

alfie allen embarrassing fly Game of Thrones open respect theon greyjoy - 6235900928
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amy pond cybermen drunk embarrassing karen gillan Matt Smith mistake reindeer sweater the doctor - 6477713920
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Show Him How it's Done, Draco

annoyed draco malfoy embarrassing Harry Potter jack gleeson joffrey baratheon rich shut up tom felton whining - 6472475136
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There comes a time in every young man's life when he realizes it's time to stop letting his mother pick out his clothes.

clothes Daniel Radcliffe embarrassing Harry Potter mother Ron Weasley rupert grint - 6188528384
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This is Embarrassing

Awkward cybermen doctor who embarrassing outfit same - 6052081152
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Spock brings his parents on board to meet the Captain.

Captain Kirk embarrassing Leonard Nimoy parents Shatnerday Spock stories William Shatner - 6547958016
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Glad you asked

annoyed David Tennant embarrassing no the doctor - 6188356096
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What Fresh Hell Is This?

brent spiner computer data embarrassing shore leave Star Trek the next generation - 6447947264
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R2 says he's 'not programmed' to make margaritas. Frankly, sir, I think he's embarrassed to use his blender function

c3p0 embarrassing r2d2 star wars - 6444156160
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